Zarrin-Leaf Tea Premium Ceylon With Earl Grey 400 Gr 14.11 Oz


چای ممتاز سیلان زرین با عطر ارل گری با طعم برگاموت 400 گرمی 14 اونسی

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This premium ceylon tea has been harvested from 100 spring harvest tea leaves and expertly blended with the dried Bergamot peal for a wonderful aromatic flavor. Zarrin developed this tea exclusively for the Persian Taste its even on the printed on the product.

This tin jar is design to lock in the fresh flavor of this premium tea and comes with 400 grams (14 oz) of loose tea so that you can use as much or as little tea as you desire to brew the perfect cup of tea.

Produce of Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
Ingredients: Tea Bergamot Flavoring

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SKU: 764363230053

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