Farissa-Room Perfume Spring Turkey 500 Ml


خوشبو کننده فاریسا با رایحه بهاری 500 میلی

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Air Freshener 16.9 OZ
This product will make your room fresh and also give nice smell to all around your house.

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Instant odor removal is as simple as a few spritzes! Our Fresh Wave Odor Removing Spray removes odors in seconds leaving you with nothing but fresh air. Spray it on clothing furniture pet bedding backpacks sports gear shoes trash cans and more! Shake. Spray. Smile. For stronger odors a few more spritzes will do the trick. When you smell “fresh air” it s working.
Fresh Wave Sprays have earned a Safer Choice label from the EPA! They re non-toxic non-GMO and non-hazardous and safe for people pets and the planet. The non-aerosol spray is biodegradable and the packaging is recyclable. Manufactured in Rising Sun Indiana.
Fresh Wave s plant-based ingredients include pine needle lime clove anise and cedarwood—and for our lavender spray real lavender oil. The spray naturally smells like these plants but that scent will vanish quickly in the air leaving your space simply smelling clean and fresh.
Traditional air fresheners and air care products use perfumes to cover up odors. Once the scents wear off bad smells come back! Make the switch from harmful air fresheners to Fresh Wave Lavender Odor Removing Spray.

Fresh Wave Odor Removing Spray quickly and efficiently eliminates odors from dogs and cats as well as smells from smoke mildew and bathrooms with the power of natural ingredients.

This Spray gets rid of odors from clothing furniture pet bedding backpacks sports gear shoes cars diaper pails trash cans and more.

Our odor removing spray has a refreshing sent.

Shake gently before using and spray on upholstery in the air and on any carpeted surface. (For special materials like silk try a test to avoid spotting.)

This product is non-toxic non-GMO and non-flammable making it safe to use around people pets and the planet. *When used as directed.

Spray in the air or on water-safe fabrics to remove odors immediately.
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