Termeh Tablecloth Hand-Painted and Hand-Woven 45×45-101


سفره رومیزی ترمه قلمکار بته جقه درشت زمینه روشن 114 در 114 سانتیمتر

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Best quality Hand woven and hand painted colorful Tablecloth .the art of Termeh size is 45×45 inch.

Cold wash only

Termeh Ghalamkar is a handwoven cloth. It is the most beautiful and famous in the world. Weaving Termeh requires a good wool with long fibers. Termeh is woven by an expert with the assistance of a worker called a Goushvareh-kesh. Weaving Termeh is a sensitive careful and time-consuming process; a good weaver can produce only 25 to 30 centimetres (10 to 12 in) in a day. The background colors used in Termeh are jujube red light red green orange and black. Termeh has been admired throughout history ; historians commented on the beauty of weavings in the (532 B.C.) and (226–641 A.D.) periods.

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SKU: Termeh101


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