Specially-SMOKED CHILI SALT Grinder NET WT 2.65 OZ (75 g)


نمک و فلفل دودی با ساب دستی گرایندری 2،65 اونس 75 گرم

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‘-RICH FLAVOR! Add depth and flavor to your next dish with this savory blend of smoked chili and sea salt.
-GREAT WITH: Chicken meat pasta and everything else based on your liking.

-INGREDIENTS: Our Smoked Chili Pepper Sea Salt Seasoning is made from Certified Kosher ingredients including sea salt smoked chili paprika cumin seed coriander seed and cloves

-BUILT-IN GRINDER: The high quality grinder is designed for ease of use and optimized for the perfect grind size for best flavor

-PALERMO: Bringing products from the Land of History to your family. From olive oils to honey Palermo has been producing the highest quality gourmet foods for more than 25 years sold in 60 countries.
SKU: 4099100134018

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