Boulder-Plastic Wrap Roll 200 Sq Ft Clear


کاغذ شیرینی پزی رول 200 فوت مربع

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PLASTIC FOOD WRAP: Extend foods freshness with Wrap Plastic Food Wrap keeping air out with a tight seal

PLASTIC FOOD WRAP: Wrap will adhere to multiple surfaces from glass to metal keeping leftovers fresh and keeping odors from seeping out

CLING TIGHT WITHOUT A FIGHT: Wrap will grip tight seal easy and is the ideal plastic wrap for prepping steaming and protecting food

FOOD PLASTIC WRAP: Wrap is BPA free and with no plasticizers; this microwave safe wrap is perfect for storing and reheating leftovers

MULTIPURPOSE PLASTIC WRAP:Wrap was designed for the kitchen however doubles as a household staple for wrapping small everyday items
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