Sogol-Dried Shallots 3 Oz 85 Gr


موسیر سوگل 3 اونس 85 گرم

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Dried Shallots are made from fresh shallots for classic onion flavor in a convenient format
Kosher with no MSG added

Sourced especially for chefs Dried Shallots are carefully sourced dehydrated and freeze dried to retain consistent flavor and color
With a 720 day shelf-life over its fresh version our 4 oz Dried Shallots shaker is perfect for recipe customization
Dried Shallots simply reconstitute in water and add to any recipe that calls for fresh shallots. 1 oz freeze dried shallots equals 7 oz of fresh shallots

Fresh Shallots:
Considered to be the gourmet member of the onion family due to their mild delicate flavor Shallots are similar to green onions. Shallots work particularly well in dishes using wine and make also an excellent addition to sauces and salad dressings. Although shallots caramelize like onions it is important to saute them gently as high heat is likely to turn them bitter. Roast shallots in their skins until soft. Then peel puree and use as a flavoring for soups or sauces. Shallots do not give bad breath like garlic or onions and are more easily digestible. Refrigeration is not recommended as cold temperatures tend to encourage sprouting.
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