Boulder-Wax Paper 75 Sq Ft


کاغذ شیرینی پزی رول 75 فوت مربع

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Wax Paper is a versatile cooks helper that s useful for everything from prepping and reheating food to preventing messes and making art projects. This wax paper has a nonstick surface that food does not stick to so cleaning up after spooning out drop candies or chocolate-covered fruits and pretzels is a fast fuss-free and efficient endeavor. Foods lift off easily without leaving behind a mess so your kitchen stays clean and your food looks great. Spread out a wax paper roll to catch the mess when you re peeling potatoes shredding cheese or dicing onions. Your countertop stays cleaner and you can just roll up your prepped food or discarded potato peels for easier handling afterward. Don t forget to use this waxed paper in the microwave to minimize splattering when reheating spaghetti sauce or other foods. It also works as a protective barrier for tables desks and counters whether you re cooking or creating art.

This package contains one roll of Wax Paper measuring 75 feet x 12 inches
Waxed paper provides an ideal protective surface to minimize messes when making candy decorating cakes dipping strawberries in chocolate or creating art projects
Foods lift right off the non-stick waxed paper surface without leaving a mess behind

Wax Paper Roll is ideal for resting utensils when mixing and measuring
Use as a protective barrier for tables desks and counters
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