Sogol-Distilled chicory water 15.2 Fl Oz 450 ml


عرق کاسنی سوگول 15.2 اونس مایع 450 میلی لیتری

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Properties of chicory sweat and its nutritional value
You probably have a question what is chicory sweat good for? Despite the fact that most of the volume of chicory sweat is water; The nutritional value of chicory sweat is so high that vitamins such as vitamin K vitamin E vitamin B6 vitamin C and vitamin A can be found in the same volume. Also minerals such as manganese calcium magnesium iron folic acid zinc and potassium are also present in this vegetable sweat.

Of course the calories of chicory sweat are around 72 which allows us to easily use it in our diet and diet without worrying about overweight and obesity.

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