Cortas-Orange Blossom Water 10 Fl Oz 300 ml


عرق شکوفه بهارنارنج کورتاس 10 اونسی 300 میلی لیتر

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Orange blossom water is distilled water that contains the essential oils of the orange blossom. It adds a hint of a citrus scent to foods and compliments the flavor.Orange blossom water is used in many lamb dishes desserts and is perfect for fruit. A little goes a long way so add it a few dropfuls at a time to determine how much you like.

Manufactured By:
Cortas Canning Refrigerating Co. S.A.L.

Country Of Origin: Product of Lebanon

Ingredients: Distilled Bitter Orange Blaossom Water

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SKU: 735143004119

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