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Snickers-Bar Peanuts 1.86 Oz 52 Gr


شکلات اسنیکرز با بادام زمینی 2 اونسی 52 گرمی

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You aren t you when you re hungry. That s why there s SNICKERS Full Size Chocolate Bars. Packed with roasted peanuts nougat caramel and milk chocolate SNICKERS Candy handles your hunger so you can handle things that don t relate to hunger at all. Share the satisfying taste of SNICKERS Candy with friends family and coworkers. Stock the office pantry for a tasty afternoon treat or put SNICKERS Candy in gift baskets. You can also pass them out as Halloween candy. Curb your hunger before it curbs you with SNICKERS Chocolate.

Milk Chocolate (sugar Cocoa Butter Chocolate Skim Milk Lactose Milkfat Soy Lecithin) Peanuts Corn Syrup Sugar Palm Oil Skim Milk Lactose Salt Egg Whites Artificial Flavor.

Allergy information: contains peanuts milk egg and soy. May contain tree nuts.

The temperature and humidity ranges are designed to protect the quality attributes of the products. Products should be stored at a temperature of 70F +/- 5F humidity of 50 +/- 10 Relative Humidity.
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