Pistachios Kernels Pasteurized Pieces Halves Raw 1 Lb 454 Gr


مغز پسته شکسته کایفرنیایی 1 پوندی 454 گرمی

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These Green Pistachio Nutmeats Are 100 Raw Unsalted And Contain No Shell. If You Want To Enrich Your Diet With Antioxidants Protein Fiber Healthy Fats And A Bunch Of Vitamins This Abundant Snack Is Just For You. Furthermore Raw Pistachios Are Globally Recognized As Sirtfood Which Is Linked To Promoting Weight Loss And Burning Fat. Also They’re An Excellent Choice For The Infamous Keto Paleo And Vegan Diets.

Great As A Snack Ingredient
In Addition To Numerous Health Benefits You’ll Find Halved Pistachios To Be A Super-versatile Ingredient. Not Only Are They Delicious As A Snack But Also As An Addition To Homemade Trail-mixes Granola And Raw Desserts. Either Whole Or Chopped They Are Commonly Sprinkled Over A Variety Of Salads Rice Pasta And Even Pizza. Mild Pistachio Flavor Will Complement Your Pastries Bread Dough Sports-bars Truffles And Cakes. To Increase Your Protein Intake Add Pistachio Halves And Pieces To Smoothies Desserts Ice Cream Yogurt And Sweet Porridges. Besides When Ground – Their Rich Buttery Consistency Will Work Magic When Added To Creamy Broccoli Soup Hummus Or Even Spiced Sauces And Salad Dressings.

Storage Recommendations
An Airtight Container In Your Pantry Will Save Pistachios From Going Stale For A Long Time. But If You Store Them In A Refrigerator Or Freezer They Can Last For Up To 1.5 Years.

Ingredients: Pistachios
Warning: Contains Pistachio
Caution: May Contain Shell Fragments
Storage Time: Up To 1.5 Years
Store In: Cool Dry Place


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SKU: 034325314528

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