Ehsan-Flat Toffee-Konjed-Tesaj- Caramel Plat 200 Gr


سوهان تساج کنجدی عسلی ورقه ای احسان 200 گرمی

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In Iran we have variety of crispy candy which is called sohan asali and it is made of different nuts or seeds with sugar and honey such as crispy sesame seeds bar almond candy walnut candy or mixture of nuts such as hazelnut almond walnut ….

They are crunchy and sometimes chewy tasty and rich. Sesame candy is one of the most popular nut candy bars in Iran . Sesame is called: Konjed in Farsi language. One of famous sesame seeds candy is the Greek Version that is called Pasteli.. sesame seed bar sometimes contain honey and sometime honey and sugar. It is very easy to make it at home and cut it into crunchy bars.

Ingredients: Sugar Gluicose Cream Sesame seeds

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SKU: MZ-000012


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