Nab-Aragh Forty-Plant Water 13.5 Fl Oz 400 ml Chehel Giyah


عرق چهل گیاه ناب 13،5 اونسی 400 میل

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This herbal intermix distillate is a combination of many medicinal herbs and hence has many beneficial properties. It mainly helps soothe body pain and alleviate any gastrointestinal track ailments. It helps to eliminate skin irritations. It is to be taken as a beverage (diluted with water or as sole straight product) after a meal to help with food digestion and relief of gas. Other Name:

Forty Plant water Forty Plant extract Forty Plant distillate Forty Plant water is one of the most consumed distillates among Iranian people. strengthen the stomach relieve stomach acidity Rafe headaches eases digestion sexuality tonic carminative and indigestion Dyspepsia relief Stomach nourishing Anti diarrhea.

Kosher: RCC Product of Afghanistan


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