Barissimo-French Roast Coffee 12×12 Gr Single Serve Cups 5 Oz 144 Gr


قهوه کپسولی فرانسوی فرنچ روست 12 تا 12 گرمی باریسیمو 5 اونس 144 گرم

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From Latin America to East Africa our blend is crafted from strictly high grown premium 100 Arabica beans. This dark roast coffee exhibits complex flavors with smokey overtones.

DARK ROAST – The experts carefully select premium-quality arabica beans for this coffee-lovers coffee. With a temptingly sweet aroma followed by a rich full-bodied brew this is a dynamic dark roast with a distinctive winey flavor. When only the deepest richest blend will do it is guaranteed to give you that premium coffee taste; perfection in a cup.

EXPERT KNOWLEDGE – Experienced Roastmasters carefully select the perfect beans roast them to the peak of perfection and then rigorously test each day’s blend to ensure it meets the highest standards of quality taste aroma body and acidity. It is this expert knowledge that guarantees consistent satisfaction.

This aromatic medium roast is sure to awaken your senses and follow with a smooth and bright finish. Made from only 100 select Arabica coffee beans. Compatible with single-serve brewing systems including Keurig® 2.0 Kcup brewers.

TASTE: Conquer the day with this beautifully bright blend. Boasting citrusy flavors and a tasty aroma it’s the perfect cup of wake-me-up to take on the day

ROAST: Light Roast caffeinated coffee made with 100 Arabica beans and certified Orthodox Union Kosher (U)

RECYCLABILITY: Introducing Recyclable* K-Cup Pods. The same great taste now made from recyclable material. *Check locally not recycled in all communities

SUSTAINABILITY: We use 100 Responsibly Sourced coffee to support a healthier planet and an improved quality of life for farming communities

QUALITY: We start with premium Arabica beans then expertly roast in a temperature-controlled environment to bring out the best taste every time

COMPATABILITY: Contains genuine K-Cup pods engineered for guaranteed quality and compatibility with all Keurig K-Cup coffee makers
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