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K M-Bulgarian White Sheep In Brine 14.1 oz 400 g


پنیر بلغاری سفید گوسفندی در آب نمک 400 گرم

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Bulgarian White Cheese is a pantry staple in Bulgaria Macedonia and other Balkan countries. Made exclusively from sheep’s milk Krinos Bulgarian White Cheese will remind you of Greek Feta. A touch tangier than traditional Feta this delicious cheese is made with a yogurt culture. The result is a cheese with a creamy crumbly texture and yogurt flavor overtones. Bulgarian White Cheese is traditionally used in savory Balkan pastries like Banitsa and is a core ingredient in Shopska the Bulgarian version of a Greek Salad. If you haven’t tried Krinos Bulgarian White Cheese you’re in for a treat. Like Feta this cheese has countless culinary applications! Enjoy it in salads in omelets and frittatas stuffed inside red peppers or as a wonderful topping on flatbrea

Original Bulgarian Delicious Feta Cheese in Brine
Made from pure sheep s milk.
Easy to Open Plastic Container
Best used with salads or to add to a cheese board or antipasto platter
Keep Refrigerated
SKU: 703856249110

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