Hatim Imports-Turmeric 6 Oz 170 Gr


زردچوبه 6 اونسی 170 گرمی

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A staple in popular Indian and Middle Eastern cuisines Ground Turmeric adds intense spicy flavor to curries sauces mustard pickles and rice. Bright yellow in color this powdered spice has a distinct spicy flavor. Related to ginger turmeric is derived from the dried root of the Curcuma longa plant. Its earthy aroma and pungent slightly bitter flavor can be described as a combination of ginger and pepper.A key flavor in curry turmeric is also used to add vibrant color and flavor to dishes like relish chutney and even butter and cheese. Use Ground Turmeric to create your own curry blend or add to pre-mixed curry powder blends to further enhance flavor! Sold in a 6 oz. bottle
SKU: 650726680835

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