Green land-Feta Cheese Creamy 500 Gr


پنیر فتا کم نمک گرین لند 500 گرم

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Greenland Group for Food Industries was established in Egypt in 1995 and was acquired by Americana Group in 2005 for its continuous efforts to become the regional standard for the food industry.

Greenland offers a wide range of White Cheese in different sizes and flavors which will give you more pleasure when eating it as it’s made from our finest milk which comes day by day from our farms to ensure the healthy and delicious taste of Greenland white cheese that our famous for. Our white cheese is carefully packed in safe packs whether Tetra Paks or Plastic Tubs.

Cheese is also a useful source of protein required by the body for growth and repair. The higher fat cheeses are also good sources of vitamin A; essential for healthy eyes and skin and most cheeses contain a useful source of vitamin B12; required for blood cells and nerve function.

Cheese is good for our teeth partly due to the high calcium and phosphorus content which may help to strengthen them and also as it neutralises the acid in the mouth (by encouraging saliva production) which would otherwise attack the enamel on the teeth.

SKU: 6221011001952

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