Goya-Pink Beans Habichuelas Rosadas 29 Oz 822 Gr


کنسرو لوبیا صورتی 29 اونسی822 گرمی

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Description: Delicious sweet and meaty flavor… for great tasting rice beans stews and soup.

Ingredients: Pink Beans Water Salt And Calcium Disodium Edta Added To Promote Color Retention.

Nutrition Facts: Calcium Ca 32 MG Iron Fe 1.16 MG Vitamin A IU 0 IU Vitamin C total ascorbic acid 0 MG Cholesterol 0 MG Fatty acids total saturated 0 G Protein 4.03 G Total lipid (fat) 0.4 G Carbohydrate by difference 12.9 G Energy 65 KCAL Sugars total including NLEA 0.81 G Fiber total dietary 5.6 G Sodium Na 306 MG Fatty acids total trans 0 G
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