Cortas-Halva Pistachio 2 Lb 907 Gr


حلوا شکری با پسته کرتاس 907 گرمی 32 انسی

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Halva is a delicious sweet crumbly paste made from sesame paste. Halva is often eaten as a snack by the spoon or for breakfast with bread. Halva is a naturally cholesterol free food. Makes a great pairing with a nice cup of chai!

The crumbly sesame treat with pistachios available in both 454g – 1 lb and 907g – 2 lbs
Bringing you the Middle Eastern cuisine with all its authenticity to better suit your taste
Made from the finest white sesame sources with roasted pistachios. High nutritional value
Crumbled over yogurt topped with fresh fruit and perfect confection with coffee
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
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