Cashews Roasted Chili Lemon 1 Lb 454 Gr


بادام هندی برشته شده تند لیمویی 1پوندی 454گرمی

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The nature of cashews has been hot and dry

Cashew or cashew is one of the most popular nuts in Iran and other countries due to its unique taste.
These nuts are in the shape of beans or better to say kidneys
Although almonds belong to southeastern Brazil they are popular with people all over the world

— Kosher Raw Vegan
— Cholesterol Free
— Source of Copper Magnesium and Manganese

Cashews are a type of nut that grows on a tropical evergreen tree called Anacardium occidentale. They are native to Brazil and have been cultivated for centuries for their delicious flavor and numerous health benefits. Food to Live Whole Cashews are appreciated for their unique creamy flavor and super soft texture. They are raw Non-GMO Verified Kosher and suitable for a Vegan diet.

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SKU: 22123

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