Chef s Quality-Distilled Red Vinegar 1 Gal


سرکه قرمز مقطر 1 گالنی 3،79 لیتر

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1 gallon plastic jar with resealable handle.
Diluted with water up to 5 acidity.
Zero calories zero total fat and zero total carbohydrates

Create delicious sauces marinades and dressings with Roland Red Wine Vinegar 1 gallon. It has 6 percent acidity. Roland vinegar comes in a large container with a handle for easy pouring.

Red Wine Vinegar:
6 acidity
Liquid vinegar for sauces marinades and dressings
1-gallon container with handle

Ingredients: Red Wine Vinegar (Reduced with Water to 6 Acidity) Potassium Metabisulfite (Preservative).
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