Chef s Cupboard-Bread Crumbs Panko 8 Oz 227 Gr


پودر سوخاری 8 اونسی 227 گرمی

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Ingredients WHEAT FLOUR SUGAR SALT YEAST FRESHNESS PRESERVED BY ASCORBIC ACID. Product features Bring Japanese chefs best-kept secret to your kitchen with Great Value Plain Panko Bread Crumbs. Panko bread crumbs are an airy alternative to traditional bread crumbs are lower in fat and sodium and stay crispy longer. The special processing used for panko results in delicate flakes rather than tiny crumbs delivering a satisfying crunch that s a staple in Asian cuisine. Their exquisite texture causes them to absorb less grease and oil than other forms of breading preventing your dish from becoming heavy or soggy. Panko bread crumbs make a fantastic coating for meat or fish a reliably crunchy topping for casseroles and vegetables and a hard-working binder for meatballs and burgers. You ll never want to go back to ordinary bread crumbs! This 8-ounce can provides approximately 8 servings. Step up your cooking game with Great Value Plain Panko Bread Crumbs. Plain panko bread crumbs Ready to use Use plain or mix with spices Low sodium Cholesterol free 8oz can with easy-pour top

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