Realemon-100 Yellow Lemon Juice 48 Oz 136 1400 Gr


آبلیمو 100 48 اونسی 1400 گرمی

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Take the mess-work out of adding lemon flavor to your favorite dishes and drinks with ReaLemon 100 lemon juice. This juice makes it easy to add delicious lemon accents to marinades dipping sauces or even sodas or juice without slicing and squeezing fresh lemons. Great for storing in your high volume restaurant or bar ReaLemon juice provides a consistent lemon taste from each 48 fl. oz. bottle to the next. Consistent and convenient this lemon juice is ready to use and does not need to be refrigerated until after opening.

Its smooth fluid consistency and sour tangy flavor is perfect for blending into a variety of dishes and drinks. Stir in lemon juice to create new fresh-tasting dressings for your salads or try using this lemon juice to make a classic lemon meringue pie. No signature lemon drop martini lemonade or lemon iced tea is complete without a splash of lemon juice. Without needing to slice or squeeze whole lemons adding this lemon juice to your drinks and dishes is easy!

Since 1934 ReaLemon has been creating fresh citrus juices to suit every need! Their products provide a delicious consistent taste without all the hassle and expense of juicing fresh fruit. ReaLemon offers real fruit flavor in an economical and easy-to-use package!
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