Burman s-Yellow Mustard Grade#1 20 Oz 468 Gr


سس خردل زرد نمره یک 12 اونسی 340 گرمی

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Ingredients: Ing: Distilled vinegar water #1 grade mustard seed salt turmeric paprika spice natural flavors and garlic powder.

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Ingredients: Distilled Vinegar Water #1 Grade Mustard Seed Salt Turmeric Paprika Spice Natural Flavors And Garlic Powder.

Nutrition Facts: Total lipid (fat) 0 G Cholesterol 0 MG Fatty acids total saturated 0 G Protein 0 G Carbohydrate by difference 0 G Energy 0 KCAL Sodium Na 1100 MG Fatty acids total trans 0 G.
SKU: 4099100112030

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