Burman s-Real Mayonnaise Great For Sandwiches Salads 30 Fl Oz 887 Ml


سس مایونز اصل 887 میلی

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Hellmann s Real Mayonnaise Real Mayo 48 oz
Enjoy the creamy delicious taste of Hellmanns Real Mayonnaise a naturally gluten-free condiment
This gluten-free mayo is made with real simple ingredients like 100 certified cage-free eggs oil and vinegar
An ideal condiment for spreading on sandwiches and wraps grilling juicy burgers mixing creamy dips and preparing fresh salads and simple meals
A classic jar of mayo to have on hand you can use Hellmanns real mayo as an ingredient to transform your barbecue and everyday chicken dinner into a juicier more delicious meal
Rich in Omega 3-ALA (contains 650mg ALA per serving which is 40 of the 1.6g Daily Value of ALA) this is a great option for those looking for delicious gluten-free condiments
Hellmanns mayonnaise bottles and jars are now made from 100 recycled plastic

Ingredients: Soybean Oil Water Whole Eggs And Egg Yolks Vinegar Salt Sugar Lemon Juice Calcium Disodium Edta (Used To Protect Quality) Natural Flavors.

Directions: Instructions: Refrigerate After Opening. Do Not Freeze.
SKU: 4099100023107

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