Basak-Tomato Cream Soup 1.76 Oz 50 Gr Halal


سوپ سبزیجات گوجه فرنگی با خامه 50 گرمی 1،76 اونسی

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Tomato Soup with Cream (Basak Kremali Domates orbasi)
Tomato soup is a soup made with tomatoes as the primary ingredient. It may be served hot or cold in a bowl and may be made in a variety of ways.

It may be smooth in texture and there are also recipes which include chunks (or small pieces) of tomato cream and chicken/vegetable stock. Popular toppings for tomato soup include sour cream or croutons.

Tomato soup is one of the top comfort foods in Poland and the United States. It can be made fresh by blanching tomatoes removing the skins then blending into a puree.
SKU: 8690906006125

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