Anchor Vinyl-Powder Free Gloves Large 100 Gloves Per Box Single Use Only


دستکش یکبار مصرف 100 تایی

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STAY PROTECTED – Keep your business employees and customers happy with a properly equipped and well-gloved staff. Remain compliant with health code and government regulations at all times with these 100 latex and powder free vinyl gloves. Avoid the worry of potential latex allergens by using latex-free gloves.

PREMIUM QUALITY- Made of durable 4.0mil vinyl and with an advanced PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) formulation. The beaded cuff on each glove offers drip protection for the forearm protecting against food and cleaning solutions contacting the skin and provides increased glove strength when putting the gloves on preventing tears and needless throwaways. The gloves provide both wet and dry barrier protection and protect hands against light cleaning solutions.

EASY SLIP ON AND OFF – Easy dispense box comes with 100 ambidextrous gloves that dispense one-at-a-time and are easy to slip on and off yet form fitting to your hand. The gloves leave no residue after use peel off easily and are disposable helping to maintain a clean and organized work environment. Glove dimensions are 9 inches long and 5 inches wide including the thumb and 4.0mil thick.

USE IN MANY SETTINGS – Versatile and Suitable for use in many food handling food service and food preparation settings such as deli/convenience food trucks and carts restaurant kitchens and production kitchens. Also suitable for cleaning and janitorial use such as cleaning facilities maintenance repair and sanitation. Not suitable for medical or exam use.

100 SATISFACTION – If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase please contact us and we will make it right! Customer service and timely delivery are our priority.

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