Carlini-Pure Olive Oil 16.9 Oz 500 ml


روغن زیتون خالص کارلینی 16،9 اونسی 500 میلی


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Carlini Olive Oil is a 100 extra virgin olive oil. Completely Gluten Free and Lactose free. Best bottled in a 16.9 oz bottle. A Product of Spain. This lot includes two bottles of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. One Bottle.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 16.9 Oz (500ml) (2 Bottles).
Gluten Free Lactose Free Olive Oil for Dressing Dipping Sauces
Extra virgin olive oil protects against heart disease
Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a Fantastic Source of Antioxidants and Healthy Fats.

Olive Oil is a great addition to any scrumptious meal or cooking situation both at home or in a professional kitchen. This bottle has a screw on top that will allow for you to easily come back to use this at a different point in time if needed. Olive oil goes great on top of salad or used to cook different meats to help prevent sticking to the pan. The taste will be light and delicious and will go great with Italian American Cuisine dishes such as pasta.
SKU: 4099100115345

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