Ulker-Halley Chocolate Marshmallow With Blackberry 8×30 gr 236 Gr


بیسکویت شکلاتی 8 تایی با مغز مارمالات شاه توت اولکر 236 گرمی

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Ulker-Halley Party Cake Karadut Marmelati
Marshmallow biscuits covered in rich milk chocolateUlker Halley Berry Biscuit
Kids around the world adore Ulker
Perfect for school work at snack time

Ulker Super Halley has a delicious cream flavor among chocolate covered biscuit pieces.
With the perfect harmony of cloudy marshmallow between two delicious biscuits covered with real chocolate Halley will take you to your childhood as soon as you taste it.
Ulker Mini Halley is a very tasty snack biscuit. Halley s delicious fragrance with vanilla and chocolate and its crispy biscuit under its soft chocolate coating is enough to seduce people of all ages.
Ulker Mini Halleys which are very tasty and satisfying on their own also go well with tea and coffee.
The products of Ulker company which was established in 1944 and started production as Ulker Bisküvi in Eminِnü have reached the present day without compromising quality and taste. FROM TURKEY.
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