Tak Makaron-Pottage Macaroni 17.6 Oz 500 Gr


رشته آشی تک ماکارون 17،6 اونسی 500 گرمی

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Wheat squash
Sushi squash is made from traditional and natural wheat which after qualitative cleansing is packaged in a homogeneous quality pasteurized product with a gourmet flavor of 20 grams.

Quiche (Solitaire) Somia for immediate use is sure to be recommended for traditional whey.

Sour cream characteristics:

Unique and delicious flavor
Traditional and Pasteurized Cheesecake
Easy to use in homes parties occasions and …
Easy to use and fast
Has the latest qualitative standards

It s better to know:

Whey is a dairy product that has 4 times more protein than milk and is one of the best sources of calcium and minerals. The strengthening of the body s natural defense system especially in the elderly the stimulation or production of immune cells the prevention of osteoporosis and cancer can be cited as other benefits of this unique nutrient.

To use this nutrient it s best to avoid the use of open-cast whey. The use of these products may have a risk of death. In order to ensure the health of this product it is recommended to use pasteurized cream with health certificates.

Table of nutritional values ??for every 100 grams of coconut tomatoes
95 kcal2.9 grams13 g189 mg190 mg2 g

SKU: 6260100389052

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