Stonemill-Pink Salt Grinder 3.53 Oz 100 Gr


نمک درشت صورتی 3،53 اونسی 100 گرمی

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Benefits – Himalayan Secrets Pink Rock Salt contains 84 rich nutritional minerals which include high quantities of calcium potassium iron magnesium zinc selenium copper zirconium and iodine. The beautiful pink hues serve as an indication of high iron content. These elements are necessary to maintain a healthy living and can be consumed in a variety of ways ranging from cooking to holistic healing
Natural Rich Bold Flavor – Packed with whole essential trace elements Himalayan Salt restores natural alkaline balance crucial for wellbeing. Himalayan Secrets gourmet salt has fresh pure flavor crystalline structure and gorgeous pink color stemming from its naturally high content of potassium magnesium and calcium
Pure Gourmet Cooking Salt – Our salt is 100 pure with no added chemicals or anti-caking agents like that of regular table salts. Table salts also contains artificial Iodine and other additives that may be described as harmful
Best Used For – Curing meats and seasoning grilled meats fish ribs eggs vegetables soups stews pasta salads as well as baking and can be used for salt baths.
SKU: 4099100105919

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