Sogol-Silver Berry Senjed Tree Fruit Oleaster 8 Oz 227 Gr


سنجد سوگل 8 اونس 227 گرمی

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Senjed Oleaster / Silver Berry
This dried fruit is commonly referred to as the Russian olive or silvery berry that grows wild in Western Asia. In Persian culture Senjed is used on their New Year Haft-Sin to represent abundance of love in the year to come. Senjed is a sweet dried fruit that resembles a chewy date.

Ingredientes: Oleaster
Allergen: Packed on shared equipment with wheat tree nuts soy and sesame.
Kosher: K
Packed in USA

Familiarity with the properties and benefits of Silver Berry
Silver Berry is one of the most useful fruits that has a dry and cold nature. This fruit full of properties has been consumed by Iranians since ancient times and has had a special place on the table during traditional holidays. Silver Berry is scientifically named Elaeagnusan gastifolial and is used in the pharmaceutical health food perfume and wood industries. There are 3 types of Silver Berry trees in the world of which there are 2 types of helagnus and hippopotamus in Iran.

Properties of Silver Berry
Anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects in Silver Berry

Various studies have shown the effect of Silver Berry extract in the treatment of pain and inflammation. The flavonoids in Silver Berry play a major role in this treatment. Scientific studies have shown that olive extract has a significant effect in improving and reducing pain and inflammation of knee osteoarthritis in women. In general the most important medical use of this fruit is its analgesic effect. For this reason it is very useful for people with osteoporosis and osteoporosis.

a cold

As mentioned in the section on moist health Silver Berry is rich in vitamin C which strengthens the immune system and is useful for the prevention and treatment of colds flu sore throats coughs and fevers.
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