Sogol-Fancy Melon Seed Lemon Flavor 8 Oz 226 Gr


تخمه هندوانه با طعم لیمو سوگل 8 اونسی 226 گرمی

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Watermelon seeds are a nutty snack made from the seeds of Watermelon! These watermelon seeds are lightly salted roasted and then coated in soy sauce to give it that delicious savory taste that has made it a popular snack item eaten regularly in Taiwan! Watermelon seeds with soy sauce are the perfect lightly salted seed snack that you would love to have in your pantry! Sub in your favorite seed and try out these savory watermelon seeds instead! With its versatile flavor enjoy watermelon seeds with soy sauce on its own or even try using it to top salads and other dishes to give it a nice crunch and texture!

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