Sogol-Black Raisin Maviz 8 Oz 227 Gr


کشمش سیاه مویز سوگل 8ااونسی 227 گرمی

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Black Raisins or Maviz are a unique variety of raisins with limited production. These raisins are naturally Sun-Dried which helps give the product its natural sweetness taste and texture. Raisins are rich in calcium which strengthens tooth enamel. They also have high levels of catechins which are associated with a variety of health benefits including the maintenance of cardiovascular health the reduction of cancer risk and weight loss. Great for snacking adding to cereal cooking and baking.

Our black raisins are a bit more special than most as well. We offer jumbo raisins for even more flavor and fun. They are a perfect component of an epic trail mix a perfect solo snack or a showcase ingredient in cookies cakes or breads. Stock up on these wonderful healthy treats and keep the mood in your home or office golden.

No Sugar Added Fat Free
Trail mix and snacking Great in salads toppings baking
NO sugar added – Non GMO – NO coloring – HEALTHY SNACK
Rich in vitamin A potassium magnesium and iron.
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