Simply Nature-100percent GrapeSeed Oil 25.3 Fl Oz 750 ml


روغن هسته انگور سیمپلی نیچر 25،3 اونسی 750 میلی

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Extracted by expeller pressing the seeds of grapes and thus a natural by-product of winemaking grapeseed oil is a versatile light clean cooking oil with a moderately high smoke point of 420 F.
Low in saturated fat grapeseed oil is a healthy choice for your daily cooking needs. You can use it for sautéing and frying or in baked goods sauces mayonnaise dressings and infusions. Given its moisturizing properties alternative uses for grapeseed oil include massage therapy cosmetics skincare and hair treatments.

Known for its high smoke point and delicate taste Grapeseed Oil is perfect for high-heat cooking deep-frying and baking. Lovingly crafted from 100 grapeseed oil this subtle light flavor will never disrupt the taste of your food and is a rich source of Vitamin E essential fatty acids and Omega 6.

High smoke point perfect for deep frying and baking
Rich source of Vitamin E fatty acids and Omega 6

100 Pure Grapeseed Oil
All Natural Expeller Pressed
Lightweight Planet Friendly Bottle (BPA-Free)

SKU: 4099100096057

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