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Scotch Brite-Power Sponge Medium Duty 4.5 In X 2.8 In 3000cc

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اسکاچ قوی 4،5 اینچ در 2،8 اینچ

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Description: Power Sponges offer a dual-action cleaning pad and sponge in one to clean many surfaces. Unique bow-tie shape for easy handling. The sponge side contains antimicrobial protection to resist odors staining and crumbling caused by bacteria. Scouring side of the product scours two-to-four times faster and is six-to-ten times less abrasive than other conventional commercial scouring pads to reduce scratching.
Unique soil-removing particles deliver effective scouring cleaning and scrubbing. Particles are evenly distributed throughout the scouring pad to ensure effective consistent scouring and lasting performance throughout the life of the pad. Durable synthetic fibers are crimped and heat-set to create strong web. High-quality bonding resin system resists degradation from exposure to hot water detergents and normal cleaning liquidsScotch-Brite -Brite Power Pads Aqua 1 / Pack (Quantity).
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