Sadaf-Garlic Granulated 14 Oz 397 Gr


پودر سیر صدف 14 اونس 397 گرم

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Garlic Granulated

Garlic is an herb related to the onion. It is cultivated for its bulb, which is composed of many small cloves. Dried garlic has the benefit of a long shelf life and comes in several forms including:
-Minced Roasted Garlic
-Minced Garlic
-Garlic Powder
-Garlic Chopped (Flakes)
-Black Garlic Cloves

Granulated Garlic has a coarse texture and can be used as a barbecue dry rub. Rub on your favorite meat and let sit at room temperature for 45 minutes before placing on the grill.

To rehydrate, use one part Granulated Garlic to two parts water.

Granulated Garlic is a key ingredient in many cuisines including Italian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern. Garlic is not only used in cooking, but is believed to have many medicinal uses.

Kosher: RCC
Packaged in USA
PET Bottle With Shaker Top
SKU: 052851912407

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