Sabah-Persian Pistachios Saffron Roasted 1 Lb 453


پسته ایرانی زعفرانی داده صباح 1 پوند 453 گرمیی

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Salted pistachios have a higher added value due to the process that has been done on it, and with enough creativity, the type of processing can be monopolized, which preserves the obtained markets.

Smart Snacking
There’s no reason to give up snacking to stay in shape. Pistachios are a good source of plant-based protein. And in addition to tasting great, a single serving includes about 49 pistachios, enough to satisfy your snacking needs.

Nutritious and Healthy
Pistachios offer nutrients and minerals great for overall health. Not only are they a good source of fiber, 90% of the fat found in pistachios is unsaturated.

FLAVOR: Roasted & Salted. Our best-sellingflavor, perfect for everyday snacking
EVERYDAY SNACKING: Perfect for easy entertaining and snacking throughout the day
Gluten Free, Non-GMO Project Verified

And why Iranian pistachios (advantage of Iranian pistachios) ?!
Pistachios made in Iran have various advantages that set it apart from its American and Turkish competitors.
Iranian pistachio is world famous for its unique taste. Why do you think pistachios grown in Iran have a better taste than pistachios made in the United States and Turkey ?!
The main reason for this is the high amount of oil in Iranian pistachios, which makes it taste better than its competitors when cooked at high temperatures.

In the following, we will discuss five differences and advantages of Iranian pistachio over its other competitors:

Variety of pistachio cultivars
There are different types of Iranian pistachio cultivars. 4 commercial cultivars at the international level are: Hazelnut pistachio (40% of pistachio orchards), Koleghoochi pistachio (20% of pistachio orchards), Akbari pistachio (15% of pistachio orchards) and Ahmad Aghaei pistachio (12% Pistachio orchards).
In addition to the mentioned cultivars, cultivars such as: Abbas Ali Damghan pistachio, Shah Pasand pistachio (Shahpasand) Damghan, Damghan pistachio pistachio, Farrokhi Damghan pistachio, Ghanouri, Vahedi, Seyed Ali Aghaei Badami, Seif al-Dini, paper skin, Badami Ravar, Khanjari Ravari, Ouhadi , Sefid Nogh, Badami Zarand, Qazvin, etc. are also available in Iran.

Each of the mentioned cultivars has unique shape, size, taste and properties.

Higher ratio of kernel to whole pistachio
Iranian pistachio has a higher kernel ratio than other pistachios.
Simply put, by buying a fixed amount of Iranian pistachios and other pistachios, you want more Iranian pistachio kernels than other competitors.

Rated more at high temperatures
Due to the high amount of unsaturated oil in Iranian pistachios, they have the capacity to roast (cook) at temperatures between 160 to 180 degrees Celsius.
Good roasting gives these nuts a unique taste, while eliminating any live bacteria in the product.
Obviously, temperatures below 120 ° C (for pistachio roasting) are recommended by some suppliers; It will not achieve the above two benefits (ie better taste and elimination of bacteria).

For a long time, consumers around the world have preferred the taste of Iranian pistachios.
All four commercial types of Iranian pistachios (Hazelnut pistachio, Koleghoochi pistachio, Akbari pistachio and Ahmad Aghaei pistachio) each have a rich, unique and special taste.
In this regard, Iranian pistachios offer a combination of unique flavors that give a special variety to the consumer’s taste.

Ability to buy and sell
A large number of producers, buyers, exporters and importers of Iranian pistachios create conditions for full competition in the market. As a result, trade opportunities (buying and selling) are fairly available to Iranian pistachio sellers and buyers.
In the absence of suitable conditions for competition, the market may face price stabilization and market manipulation by influential players.

American pistachios
In the 1880s, pistachios imported into the United States were popularized by Middle Eastern immigrants. After years of experimentation, the concept of the American pistachio industry became a reality.
Pistachio cultivation in the United States began in the 1930s with the import of Iranian seeds (Source: Tabnak). More than 90 percent of American pistachios are produced in California.

American pistachios are very similar to Iranian pistachios, but with a slight difference in quality and size and completely in price.

SKU: 737655465006

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