Sabah-Permium Barberry Zereshk 10 Oz 280 Gr


زرشک ممتاز صباح 10 اونس 280 گرمی

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European barberry has always been respected for its medicinal properties. Wild barberry which is known to treat a range of ailments ranging from digestive problems to liver problems is rich in nutrients. Barberry also contains a unique compound called berberine that fights bacteria and viruses. Barberry is rich in a variety of B vitamins that are essential for the general health of the body. A serving of barberry is rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals and reduce the risk of premature aging.

In Afghan and Iranian cooking berberis (barberry) flavors rice dishes known as Polow (in Persian) and Pilau (in Dari). In Iran it is used in kookoo-ye sabzi (an herb omelet) and Zereshk polow (rice mixed with barberry served with chiken). In India pickled barberries are served with curries or used like raisins in desserts.

Kosher RCC
Packed in USA
Keep refrigerated
Natural Agricultural Product
Clean and rinse with water before use

All natural none capsulate with high antioxidant in berries family. farmed and packed in USA. Barberries is known for the most Antioxidants natural ingredients that is simply most effective Natural fat burner. also known as Zereshk (Barberry).
high antioxidant
support immune system
help for digestion
all natural and unsweetened
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