Sabah-Black Kashk Ghare Ghoroot Paste 10 Oz 238 Gr


تمبر قره قروت کشک خشک صباح 10 اونسی 238 گرمی

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Qarehqurut Cheese:
Qarehqurut is a concentrated and dried dairy product that has been traditionally prepared throughout Afghanistan Iran and Tajikistan. It is made by simmering leftover sheep’s or cow’s milk whey (from making keshk) until it has concentrated before it is allowed to dry into a paste which has a semi-solid kneaded eraser-like consistency.

Also known as gharaghourout or black kashk this dairy specialty is distinguished by an intensely sour and savory flavor with a lingering finish of animal and herbal notes. High in minerals and lactic acid qarehqurut is typically eaten as a snack or used in traditional specialties.

This dairy product is also a summertime staple in the regions where it is produced because it rehydrates the body.
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