Pueblo Lindo-Flour Tortillas Small Fagita 20×6″ 32 gr Bread 23 Oz 653 Gr


نان ترتیلا تاکو کوچک فاگیتا پابلو لیندو 20 تا 6 اینجی 32 گرمی 23 اونس 653 گرم

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With their freshly baked flavor and super smooth texture our Mission Fajita Flour Tortillas are the perfect addition to any recipe. Although they are the right size for fajitas our tortillas are versatile enough to use for anything from tacos to quesadillas. You can also feel good about serving our tortillas to your family and friends because they do not contain any trans fat or cholesterol. We recommend filling our tortillas with blackened chicken and bell peppers for a quick and tasty weeknight dinner. Includes two 20-unit packages of Mission Fajita flour tortillas.

Flour Tortillas is a type of soft thin flatbread made from finely ground wheat flour from Mexico. The wheat flour tortilla was originally derived from the corn tortilla. Tortillas serve up the authentic taste of Mexico because they are made with the high

Delicious super soft flour tortilla s
Authentic Mexican flavor
0 grams trans fat per serving
No cholesterol
100 whole grains
SKU: 4099100242478

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