Nc Macaron-Rice Macaroni Pasta 500 Gr


رشته پلویی ایرانی ان سی ماکارون 500 گرمی

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Noodles are one of the types of pilafs in Iranian cuisine that are mostly cooked with cooked meat or hot onions dates and raisins or both.

It is a custom that is eaten on the day of Nowruz celebration.

How to prepare pilaf noodles

Ingredients for preparing pilaf noodles are soaked rice roasted noodles meat dates and raisins saffron oil and salt. The pilaf noodles are cooked in such a way that the rice is poured into a pot of boiling water like a simple cheddar and the noodles are added mixed together and then drained. Pour half a cup of oil and water in the pot and pour some of the rice on the bottom of the pot and pour the meat on the rice. Peel a squash grate it and squeeze the raisins. Put it in the oil and pour the rest of the rice over it. They put the pot on the flame and after the heat rises they add a cup of oil and put a pot and on a gentle flame after one hour the noodles are ready with the threat. Dissolve the saffron in hot water and pour a spatula on it and stir. They decorate the pilaf dish with it.

In the field of Azerbaijani pilaf apricot and ghee leaves are added to this field of pilaf.
SKU: 6260333800218

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