Morton Iodized Salt 26 Oz 737 Gr


نمک یددار 26 ونس 737 گرمی

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This 26 oz. canister of Morton plain table salt rounds is the common traditional salt type that will meet your front and back of the house needs! This plain salt is perfect for refilling table salt shakers so your guests can season their dishes to their liking. Its uniform consistency blends well with your other ingredients during cooking. Whether it s blended into sauces or used for garnishing vegetables it will add an extra pinch of savory flavor to anything you make!

Morton Salt is an iconic brand that has become a staple in American kitchens. Salt is essential for cooking and garnishing meals and you ll find plenty of uses for these plain salt rounds in your restaurant concession stand or catering service. The history of Morton Salt dates way back to the Gold Rush and this timeless brand has been pleasing chefs and customers ever since whether it s being used to season entrees appetizers or snacks.
SKU: 024600010535

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