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روغن حیوانی، قیی، کره خالص گاو میلکیو 500 میل 453 گرم حلال

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Milkio Foods started its journey in Aug-2016 in New Zealand. Over the last 4 years we have grown as an entity. Currently we have a presence in 12 countries across the globe and are expanding as we speak. It has been a wonderful journey knowing all of you this while who have helped us in growing one way or the other.
Milkio is the one and only exporter of Premium Quality Ghee from New Zealand; with our factory located in Hamilton Waikato. Waikato is known for its sustainable dairy farming practices and we as producers sit rightly amongst the valley of Happy Cows.Our regulatory framework is governed by the Ministry of Primary Industries in New Zealand. We comply with all regulatory requirements to export. Additionally we are Halal Kosher and Organic certified by independent verifying institutions in New Zealand.

Grass-Fed Ghee from Milkio is made from the milk obtained from New Zealand cows that graze year-round on open pastures of lush green grass with pure climates.
– New Zealand Grass-Fed Ghee: Milkio’s natural grass-fed cow ghee is made locally using the finest milk produced by grazing cows in open pastures of lush New Zealand grass. It is made by heating butter until the milk solids are removed leaving behind the pure clarified fat.
– A Versatile Cooking Accompaniment: An excellent alternative to the current oils and fats in your diet. Milkio’s ghee can be directly consumed by the addition to hot beverages or can be integrated into a wide variety of high-heat cooking; sautés barbeques baking etc.
– No refrigeration is necessary.
– A Healthy Fat: This nourishing superfood is enriched with Omega-3 Omega-9 and vitamins A D K E
– Keto Paleo Friendly: Milkio’s ghee is suitable for many diets including a Keto Paleo gluten-free sugar-free LCHF or low-FODMAP diet.
– 100 Natural: Our ghee is free from GMOs artificial colours MSGs and preservatives.

How Is Milkio’s Pure Grass-Fed Ghee?
Milkio’s Pure Grass-fed ghee is perfect for grilling baking roasting or frying and instantly adds richness to meat seafood vegetables sauces marinades soups and even desserts.
Its clean buttery slightly caramelised flavour makes it suitable for direct consumption.
Because it is nutrient-dense without any carbohydrates or sugars it is ideal for those following paleo ketogenic LCHF and other low-carb whole food diets.
As soon as Milkio’s Pure Grass Fed Ghee is produced it is sealed in high-quality packaging that has been specially designed to lock in freshness aroma and flavour. Thus it can be stored without refrigeration for several months.

Our Pure Grass-Fed Ghee: a close view:
1. HACCP RMP approved under MPI NZ
2. Has been granted Halal Certification by FIANZ
3. Excellent shelf life—keeps fresher longer
4. Is stored in quality packaging specially designed to maximise freshness flavour and colour.

Grass-Fed Cow Ghee is high in Omega-3 Omega-9 Beta Carotene (Vitamin A) Alpha Tocopherol (Vitamin E) CLA Antioxidants and Butyrates to improve your health
Grass-Fed Cow Ghee works as a fuel for your brain providing you with energy without any carbohydrates – thus making it friendly to Keto Paleo and Gluten-Free diets.
Grass-fed Cow Ghee in a balanced diet can aid weight loss as it burns body fat and maintains a lean body mass thereby reducing chances of heart disease.

Manufactured from premium quality pasteurized grass-fed cow milk butter.
100 New Zealand ingredients – Milkio’s Grass Fed Cow Ghee is made from the milk obtained from New Zealand cows that graze year-round on open pastures of lush green grass with pure climates.
We use traditional Indian methods that have been tested over time to make our ghee locally here in New Zealand

1- Milkio Grass-Fed Ghee has a high smoke point. It doesn’t break down into phytonutrients and release carcinogenic free radicals like many other cooking oils can. It is a great versatile addition to any cuisine. Just add Milkio’s ghee into your roasts soups pieces of bread veggies BBQs or sauces/dressings.
2- Ghee mixed into your morning coffee can create the creamiest hot beverage that provides your brain with a healthy energy boost like no other in the quickest time possible.
3- Perfect for high heat cooking/ baking or for direct consumption.

100 New Zealand.
Contains 99.7 pure milk fat {0.3 moisture (max) 0.3 FFA (max)}

Have shelf life of 12-18 months from date of manufacturing.

The beautiful natural golden color Milkio’s Geographic Reach of New Zealand Ghee is due to beta-carotene which is a precursor to vitamin A. Vitamin A is an essential antioxidant for healthy skin the immune system and vision.Grass-fed cows produce more Beta-carotene and a better balance of essential fatty acids like Omega 3 and Omega 6 than grain-fed cows. The more grass in a cow’s diet the higher the quality of the milk in terms of polyunsaturated fatty acid composition. Milk from grass-fed cows generally has a greater concentration of vitamin E which acts as an antioxidant helping to protect cells from the damage caused by free radicals. All of these nutrients make grass-fed ghee.

The quality of the milk produced by the cows is directly related to their diet and the surrounding environment. So the milk produced by the cows continuously grazing on the fresh green grass in New Zealand is of immaculately pristine quality.At Milkio we craft our ghee from this milk packed with that freshness and transform it into rich buttery ghee full of health benefits avoiding even slightest ill effects. The rich natural yellow colour of our Ghee explains more about the quality.Milkio ghee is made from the milk of happy cows grazing year-round on the open pasture of lush green grass clean air ample sunlight and rain in pure New Zealand.

Key reasons why consumers prefer Milkio ghee over other ghee brands:
— 100 New Zealand product
— Milkio’s ingredients sourced from New Zealand’s clean green dairy farms.Grass-fed
— Our grass-fed ghee follows global standards prescribed by countries such as the USA Australia and New Zealand. Our ghee manufactured with the best quality New Zealand dairy ingredients meets New Zealand’s stringent standards.

Non-GMO :
Non-GMO standards to give our customers truly natural and rich taste. New Zealand is a GMO-free country. Milkio ghee is manufactured with the best quality New Zealand dairy ingredients that adheres to New Zealand’s stringent Non-GMO standards. The highly maintained quality assurance stands responsible to give our customers a truly natural and rich taste empowered dairy products to keep them completely safe from the risk of consuming genetically modified food-contents.

Milkio ghee is gluten-free. The New Zealand-environment is ideal for growing healthy grass. The grass is a natural food source for cows and NZ dairy cows graze outdoors on green pastures for most of the year. They grow healthy happy and stress free and consistently produce high-quality nutritious milk.

No Preservatives:
Milkio was founded in 2016 with the sole objective to be the world’s trusted grass-fed ghee manufacturer and exporter from New Zealand by adhering to stringent standards of food safety and quality of this clean green country.

‘Good for you’ health benefits:
Uncontaminated nutrients rigorous testing and quality standards of New Zealand dairy naturally bring in multiple health benefits making our ghee keto and Paleo-friendly.

Keto and Paleo Friendly:
We ensure the manufacturing of our grass-fed ghee which is rich with good fats retains high MCT more vitamins and CLA giving it nutty buttery flavored taste. These nutrients stands liable to offer great source of energy compounded with the benefits of improved digestion and natural power to suppress the appetite helping you to maintain your healthy body weight.

Quality and traceability:
Milk fat sourced from New Zealand dairies that follow stringent standards for food safety make our products of impeccable quality. All the goods move under RMP and the end products can be traced back right to the farms.

At Milkio the sustainability of our beautiful planet is at our heart and we follow that in a very simple way. The highly sustainable environment of New Zealand helps nutrient-rich farms and healthy cows which produce the best quality milk that we produce our milk-fats from.

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SKU: 9421904565029

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