Irca-Dried Coriander Vegetable-Geshniz 100 Gr


سبزی گشنیز خشک شده 100 گرمی برند ایرکا

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Properties of fenugreek

The ingredients of this vegetable help to reduce the internal and external inflammation of the body;
improves sexual performance;
solves digestive problems such as constipation etc.;
It is useful in improving diabetes and lowering blood cholesterol levels;
It purifies the blood and helps to strengthen the brain and memory;
It is effective in treating arthritis and reducing pain;

از این سبزی میتوان به عنوان طعم دهنده در خورشت قورمه سبزی نیز استفاده کرد.
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SKU: MZ-000003

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