Huy Fong Foods Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce 17 Oz 481 Gr


سس فلفل قرمز تند 17 اونسی 481 گرم

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Give your customers one taste of this Huy Fong 17 oz. sriracha hot chili sauce and they re sure to become hooked on its tangy spicy taste! Extremely versatile and packed with hot flavor sriracha sauce also known as rooster sauce continues to grow in popularity for bars restaurants food trucks and events. It is made from sun-ripened chilies ground into a smooth paste. Just a small amount will spice up any appetizer snack or entree you create!

Common among Thai and Vietnamese cuisine it s perfect for pho and spicy-sweet peanut sauces for dipping fresh spring rolls. Blend it into signature barbeque sauces or hot sauces for wings hot dogs and hamburgers. Use it right out of the container and it s a quick and easy way to enhance the look and taste of pad Thai chow mein wontons and soups. It also adds the perfect zesty kick to vegetarian dishes.

Provide hot and spicy condiments your guests want with this convenient sriracha squeeze bottle. Place it on tabletops and customers are sure to recognize the iconic packaging of this Huy Fong brand sriracha hot chili sauce. Smooth never watery and always flavorful this sauce will add naturally bright red color and bold flavor to any dish.
SKU: 024463061095

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