Hatim Imports-Fenugreek Seeds 11 Oz 312 Gr


دانه شنبلیله 11 اونسی 312 گرمی

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Fenugreek seeds are a useful spice in Indian and Ethiopian cuisine where they are often referred to as Methi seeds. They have a spicy sweet and pungent aroma with a strong and bittersweet flavor comparable to burnt sugar. With fenugreek it is possible to work a subtle yet complex balance of sweetness and bitterness into dishes. All parts of the Fenugreek plant can be used. The leaves are considered an herb the seeds (like these) are considered a spice and the fresh sprouts leaves and greens are considered a vegetable. The seeds are cube-shaped mustard yellow in color and hard. The seeds can be used whole or powdered for a more potent flavor. In pickle seasonings vegetable dishes and soups the seeds work well whole. Whole fenugreek seeds are also useful in soups and curries that require long slow cooking times that allow the fenugreek flavors to fully develop. For spice mixes like Indian panch phoron and flavorful spice pastes like Turkish cemen the powdered seeds are best when freshly ground. Try adding fenugreek spice to your next mango-chili chutney. To reduce the bitter taste and highlight the warm sweet notes of the fenugreek spice consider roasting the seeds before use. The smell of roasting fenugreek has been compared to maple syrup. Fenugreek works well with cumin coriander paprika black pepper fennel garlic and salt spices. Use it with lentils black beans kale chards carrots potatoes squash green beans okra and tomatoes. To make an Ethiopian spiced butter called niter kibbeh blend Fenugreek sea salt and melted butter over low heat until well mixed and then let sit to cool and harden. If properly stored seeds will last for up to one year
SKU: 650726681023

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