Goya-Black Beans Frijoles Negros 29 Oz 822 Gr


کنسرو لوبیا سیاه 29 اونسی 822 گرمی

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Description: Everyones favorite! These delicious and versatile black beans winners of the ChefsBest Excellence Award have an amazing earthy flavor and a smooth and creamy texture. A staple in many recipes like the classic beans and rice theyre also an ideal ingredient to make soups stews and many more dishes. They contain fiber iron and potassium and are cholesterol and gluten free. Try them!

Ingredients: Black Beans Water And Salt.

Nutrition Facts: Calcium Ca 33 MG Iron Fe 1.48 MG Vitamin A IU 0 IU Vitamin C total ascorbic acid 0 MG Cholesterol 0 MG Fatty acids total saturated 0 G Protein 5.74 G Total lipid (fat) 0.41 G Carbohydrate by difference 15.57 G Energy 74 KCAL Sugars total including NLEA 0.82 G Fiber total dietary 4.9 G Sodium Na 377 MG Fatty acids total trans 0 G.
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