Excitemint-Gum Arctic Blast Sugar Free 60 Pcs x 1.4 Blue 2.96 Oz 84 Gr


آدامس یخ قطبی بدون قند اکسایتمینت آبی 60 تا 1،4 گرمی 3 اونس 84 گرمی

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Get incredibly fresh breath whenever you need it with Sugar Free Gum. Crunch into the minty outer shell and release a cool burst of refreshing spearmint-flavored gum. Keep a pack in your pocket or a cup in your car so you ll always have breath freshening on hand to share.
Package includes one (1) 60-piece bottle of Winterfrost Sugar free Gum
This gum gives you incredibly fresh breath
Enjoy the smooth mint flavor of Spearmint
Sugar free and easy to share
Chewing gum with a burst of fresh flavor inside a crisp outer shell

Ingredients: Sorbitol Maltitol Gum Base Flavors Maltitol Syrup Gum Arabic Sodium Bicarbonate Titanium Dioxide (color) Aspartame* Soy Lecithin Acesulfame-k Carnauba Wax Microcrystalline Wax.
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