Ehsan-Sweet Kaak Shirini 500 Gr


شیرینی کاک کرمانشاه برند احسان 500 گرمی

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Another traditional Iranian sweets that is very tasty and delicious is called Kak. This sweets is native to Kermanshah province and has many fans. In the city of Shiraz of course this sweets is known as one of the traditional and traditional food known as jukeh bread.
This sweets is made from very thin sheets of dough made using special shavings. Kak is very tasty light and full of energy that will be consumed along with a cup of fresh and fragrant lovely and memorable tea.
People in Kermanshah province make cakes by mixing ingredients like wheat flour sugar eggs cinnamon oil cardamom pistachio powder coconut powder almond and water. It is interesting to note that this traditional food was included in the country’s spiritual heritage list during the 7th National Meeting of the National Intellectual Property Registration Policy Council.
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SKU: 628062400943

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